Broken Rebel

Last weekend, I blogged about one woman’s response to the transphobic sketch on Russell Howard’s Good News. Many people were touched by Doreen’s story, and I messaged her to say thanks. I also wanted to know her partner’s name was; it was Ruth.

Doreen adored Ruth, and she has very kindly shared some poems with me which deal with her grief. With Doreen’s permission, I would like to reproduce one of these intensely personal poems as a tribute to Ruth – and indeed every other dead trans woman who was both bullied by society yet adored by someone special. Thank you Doreen.


Mark my word he was aptly named
Forever the rebel never to be tamed
The truth just a few would ever detect
For she was the person he tried to protect

She cried, she cried so very much
For the loss of such a cruel touch
So true a love should be admired
To the point of being much desired

I said if I could I would give her the sun
And follow it up with the stars and the moon
She emerged from the wreck with a sense of fun
But the light of my life became blue too soon

Now he has gone and she has too
But I’m left here with thoughts of you
Memories live on from out of the blue
Repeating your name as I always do

The truth of the words that were never spoken
Shout out loud from a heart eternally broken
And echoes rebounding out of the blue
Forever to be calling, calling for you


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