Writer’s Block

Sometimes you don’t realise how grubby those net curtains had become until you finally wash them, huh?

Well, I’ve been back on my hormones for three months and it’s now clear to me that, earlier this year, I’d become a shabbier version of myself. I felt vulnerable, reclusive and disagreeable, and I was spending too much time at home, obsessing over things I’d read online.

I’ve decided to delete a couple of blogs from this period. I still believe the points I made were valid but I could’ve expressed myself in a more effective way. In addition, although my views haven’t changed, I don’t think it’s healthy to spend so much time writing about people I’ve never met.

During this period, I also blocked a few people from my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. We all have the option to unfollow or unfriend, and that’s OK, but I’ve now decided to unblock some of these people. I shall save my block lists for those who are openly abusive.

I have some incredibly exciting projects coming up later this year and I’m feeling really happy and positive about life. Frankly, I’m a little embarrassed about how sensitive I’d become back in spring, as that’s not the real me. I’m a person with struggles, the same as everyone, and I really hope that the trans community in particular will empathise with that.

Now, onwards and upwards!


One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. Joan Heath says:

    Onwards and upwards, yes – go for it!

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