META Magazine – Mission Statement

META magazine, the new digital publication for trans people, has been sent off to Apple for inspection. When it gets the thumbs up, you can purchase it on various devices, including PC & Mac computers, iPad, iPhone and Android. I don’t care how you get it, just get it if you can. While you wait, why not follow META on twitter, like META’s Facebook page, or find our tumblr site at

Mission statement below:

• META is a unique digital magazine which brings you the very best trans and genderqueer news and entertainment coverage

• Its goal is to connect with a broad community of gender variant people and give them voice(s) in the media.

• META is written by trans people and their allies for trans people and their allies – and anyone interested in smart discussion about gender

• META subverts the traditional media narrative and offers a genuinely fresh and lively perspective

• Through in-depth features, community discourse, extensive fashion and arts coverage, celebrity interviews, comprehensive event listings, and charitable causes, META is a celebration of diversity

• META is connected to the UK’s exciting trans activism movement and is committed to challenging transphobia at every level

• It’s dedicated to promoting positive self esteem and connectivity within the trans community, and aims to generate creativity, motivation and aspiration through inspiring imagery and positive ethos

2 thoughts on “META Magazine – Mission Statement

  1. […] and keep an eye our for when it goes on sale! Sneak preview below, and you can also read the mission statement here, (features promotional clip with Lewis Hancox from Channel 4′s My Transsexual […]

  2. […] and keep an eye our for when it goes on sale! You can also read META’s mission statement here, featuring a promotional clip with Lewis Hancox from Channel 4′s My Transsexual Summer. Lewis […]

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