The publishers of Gaytimes and DIVA magazine launch a groundbreaking digital publication aimed at the transgender community – META.


• META is a unique magazine designed for a wide community of gender variant people. It is written by trans people and their friends for trans people and their friends

• Through in-depth features, community discourse, arts coverage, celebrity interviews, comprehensive event listings, and charitable causes, META is a celebration of diversity

• META is connected to the UK’s exciting trans activism movement and is committed to challenging bigotry

• It is dedicated to promoting positive self esteem and connectivity among trans people, generating creativity, motivation and aspiration through inspiring imagery and positive ethos

In the historic first issue, Vivian Bond, of Kiki and Herb fame, chats about changing personas:

“I am a Mixtress of reinvention. I’ve thrown everything up in the air many times to see where it lands. As to reinventing myself personally, well… I have always known who I am.”

Reality star Lewis Hancox responds to criticism following his appearance in Channel 4’s My Transsexual Summer:

“I outed myself, basically, and put myself in a vulnerable position. People shouldn’t be attacking me for that – it should be encouraged.”

Performance artist Diane Torr discusses traditional sexism:

“I was following a programme about famous dead people and they’d always have men on. I wrote in and said, “What is it, do women not die?”

Editor Paris Lees said:

“Transgender writers have been gaining ground over the past few years, appearing in the New Statesman, the Guardian and the Times. Now, with META, we finally have our own platform. Forget ‘editor’ – speaking purely as a trans woman, I can honestly say I’m thrilled.”

She added:

“META isn’t just for trans people, it’s for anyone who’s ready for lively, intelligent discussion about gender – something we don’t always see in the mainstream media”.

META’s debut issue is on sale 5 February – and will cost £1.99. As iPad and iPhone users will need to pay a one-off fee for the META App (£1.50), they will receive one issue free. It includes features on gender-free parenting, exclusive video content, real life stories and debate.

META features: Justin Bond, Diane Torr, Lewis Hancox, Del LaGrace Volcano, Natacha Kennedy, DJ Lady Lloyd, Bagachipz, Christine Burns, Jane Fae, Roz Kaveney, Jennie Kermode and Jay Stewart.


META is the world’s first magazine aimed at the whole of the trans community. It is published by Millivres Prowler Group.

META is on sale through digital distribution via, for Android, PC & Mac computers, iPad and iPhone devices here.


MPG is the UK’s largest gay and lesbian business, and is celebrating 35 years in business.
For over 35 years, MPG’s core principle has been that gay men, lesbians and transgender people should enjoy the same full human and civil rights as other sectors of the population.

Our media brands include the most famous and well established gay and lesbian publications in the UK: GT (Gay Times), DIVA and

For more information please contact:

Stu Hurford
Marketing and Communications Executive

Tel: 020 7424 7483

Sam Normington
Marketing and Communications Assistant

Tel: 020 7424 7462


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