When Paris met Ryan

Up and coming talent Ryan Harding likes to take photos and I, for those who don’t know yet, like to pose for photos. Look what happened when we met up…

See me channel Phil Oakey. I usually present as ultra femme, but I wanted to explore a more androgynous image for this shoot. It’s a side of myself which I seldom feel safe enough to express, which is perhaps why I felt the urge to reach for a weapon…

Before the summer, I hope to have enough money for some cosmetic procedures which I’ve wanted for quite some time. The knife represents the brutality of the planned surgeries, something which is on my mind constantly, juxtaposed with the glamour of a photo shoot.

More pics below. If you like the look, make sure to like Ryan Harding on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “When Paris met Ryan

  1. Julian Morrison says:

    Hah, you look awesome and cyberpunk-ish.

  2. Love the knife-metaphor!

  3. wolfen78 says:

    reminds me of Norman Bates and the shower scene…excellent

  4. Joan Heath says:

    How could you ever consider having surgery on that beautiful face of your’s?

    Jonie X

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