Life is hard. Sometimes it pushes us down with such force that we haven’t the strength to resist. Trans people are particularly likely to find themselves feeling isolated, powerless and depressed. So it was for me and so it was for many others. So it is for Katie.

Katie, looking rather glam after her makeover at my house

Katie, looking rather glam after her makeover at my house

I’ve been friends with Katie for over a year now: we met online and augmented our friendship in the real world. She’s intelligent, kind and pretty savvy about the way the world works. She’s made some really useful suggestions to me in the past, like when she advised me to buy ParisLees.com.

Last August, I blogged about the difficulties Katie was facing with her doctor. She asked for anonymity then, but has since given me permission to reveal her identity. You see, she’s had enough. She’s had enough of being messed about by the NHS. She’s sick of changing doctors only to be told again and again that they won’t prescribe the hormones which her gender clinic has advised she take. So now she is doing what she can with what she’s got, and I’m incredibly proud of her.

I’ve said it before, but when you’re at your lowest ebb, just going to the local shop for milk can seem like an insurmountable task. I don’t think Katie will mind me saying that I’ve been worried about her mental health this past year. I have been specifically concerned that she might take her own life. I tried to cheer her up last year by giving her a makeover, something which she’d told me she would enjoy. She did, but it was only a short-term boost.

Katie wants to see a private gender specialist who can prescribe the hormone replacement therapy she’s so desperately waited for. She is, like many trans people, talented but unemployed. She has gender dysphoria and, like many trans people, spends much of her time at home. She’s currently trying to sort herself a passport so she has some identification which reflects her femaleness. She wants to work.

I’m not a huge fan of asking people for money and I find guilt-appeals rather intrusive. I hope, though, that some of the people who read this blog will identify with Katie and perhaps take some pleasure in helping a sister. Don’t underestimate the strength it took her to set up this fund. She needs help and she’s finally asked for it.

She needs £500 to cover two appointments. So far she’s received £100. If you could help her, even with an amount like £5, you’d be doing a wonderful thing for a wonderful person.

5 thoughts on “KATIE

  1. Struan says:

    Reblogged this on Struan.

  2. Joan Heath says:

    Katie should rather get in touch with ‘Press for Change’ – they have a page on Faceook with all contact details. They have legal clout and have been able to help other f2m and m2f folk with such problems with GPs and the NHS.

  3. Julian Morrison says:

    I suggest she goes to inhouse pharmacy since they seem to be reliable, and they sell E and blockers. It’s legal to import “prescription” medicines.

  4. […] today I blogged about my friend Katie and her recent struggles. She was recommended for hormone replacement therapy over […]

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