Earlier today I blogged about my friend Katie and her recent struggles. The gender clinic recommended her for hormone replacement therapy over a year ago, but her doctor(s) refuse to prescribe it. In desperation, she decided to ask the internet for help (my answer to everything).

And help it did! Her target was £500 so she could seek private medical care. Earlier today, she had £100 towards that sum. Following my blog, which was widely shared on Twitter, she has now exceeded the goal she set and donations stand at £820! One particularly generous benefactor left £500. Wow!

Katie was let down by people who have a duty of care towards her. Today, she saw a kinder side of humanity, the kindness of strangers. She also had help from friends and, combined, this really felt like a community coming together. Good. By helping our weakest we raise each other up too.

Congratulations to everyone who spread the word and to those who donated, no matter what the sum. I know she will use it wisely.

She has also received messages from people who are going to help her challenge her local health authority and take on the system which failed her. This is important, as she shouldn’t have had to resort to fundraising.

Katie just called me and I asked her if she had any messages to pass on. Here’s what she had to say:

“It is absolutely amazing, I’d like to thank everyone who donated, from the £5 to the amazing person who donated £500. I can’t believe people out there… there are some decent human beings that are willing to help a stranger.”

I also asked her how she felt:

“Well, I’m still kind of in shock at the moment, but I feel like it is going to change my life completely. I feel like I have the means and the power to move forward and grasp life with both hands, and I’m going to do that”.

It’s yet another victory for the online trans community, and a lovely end to the day. Thank you.


  1. That is great news Paris.

    Hannah Buchanan xxx

  2. countrygirljosephine says:

    It is great news. And a testament to a spirit of solidarity and humanity. Good luck to her.

    Now, as others have said, to get into this whole ‘No GP will prescribe’ thing. It would be absolutely f**king outrageous were it not so horribly common. It’s not money (depending on the dosage, HRT prescriptions actually SUBSIDISE the NHS because the drugs cost less than the charge). It’s prejudice, or it’s fear. And it’s this misunderstanding that hormones in these circumstances are ‘unlicensed’.

  3. Julian Morrison says:

    I think we need to campaign loudly for doctors who don’t do their damn job to be struck off.

  4. Lisa Quinn says:

    I understand the excitement I really do, I’m there. But pls remember the goal of hrt is to mimic natal women. If we are not careful there’s an unwanted BA around the corner . So say the endo’ at last TransLondon meeting. Take care, xx Lisa.

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