If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.
Margaret Mead

Since our last issue, a plethora of transgender stories have flooded the media. But whose place is it to condemn the use of hormone blockers for trans youth? The discussion, so far, has been framed by people with no experience of the issues. We think it’s time to hear from those who’ve been there – and the parents of three beautiful, diverse trans children agree. Read our exclusive interview with the hormone blockers mums on Pages 30-33.

With spring in full force and summer just around the corner we also thought you’d like to catch up with the My Transsexual Summer boys. Our new series on the MTS lads begins with the fabulous Fox on Pages 20-23.

It’s a daunting task launching a magazine, but the response to our historic first edition has been overwhelmingly positive. You helped us find our place and, to say thanks, we decided to make issue two even bigger and better. Don’t miss performance artist Joey Hateley, legal advice from leading human rights lawyer David Allen Green and a trip to the underground dance scene with trans rave pioneer DJ Mandi Dextrous.

There’s more. After trans activists launched glitter into Germaine Greer’s personal body space, Jane Fae and Sarah Brown debate the pros and cons of direct action. We also spoke to another feminist writer, Julie Bindel. Does Julie have anything important to say about trans people? Or, by backing herself into an ideological blind alley, is she missing the real revolution in our understanding of gender? Find out in our exclusive short film.

META thrives with your support. If you love the magazine, please spread the word and let your friends know that we’re the place to be. Get in touch with us too – we welcome your feedback, your criticism and your suggestions on what you’d like to see in future issues. Think we’re perfect? We accept gushing praise, too.

META is your space. Enjoy it!

Paris Lees



  1. Julian Morrison says:

    Is the site down? I can’t seem to get through.

  2. mzmartipants says:

    I got the same thing…curious, is it available on kindle?

  3. Julian Morrison says:

    Well the site now works – sorta. I still can’t view it there, have to use my Android phone, the “viewers” are awful. Why they can’t just use HTML like sensible people…

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