The second issue of groundbreaking trans publication META magazine is now available to download digitally from the App Store and Android Market.

With summer just around the corner, what better time to kick start our new series on the My Transsexual Summer boys? This issue, we catch up with the fantastic Mr. Fox.

Fox, on life before he transitioned:

“Before I ‘came out’ and began taking hormones, I was depressed and suicidal and, for me, transitioning was a do or die situation. It was my last option to feel better about my own body and the way the world viewed me, as a female.”

On the controversy surrounding his much-reduced role in My Transsexual Summer:

“After six months of the production company gaining my complete trust, I went into total grief when I saw that they had cut my story. I felt completely betrayed… I felt misrepresented and exposed on a national scale.”

In an explosive filmed interview, Julie Bindel apologises for her 2004 Guardian piece ‘Gender benders, beware’:

“I conflated what I think, what I still think, is a valid point, with humour that could incite people to pour prejudice on trans people. I made cheap jokes, I was cruel, and it was completely unnecessary. And I regretted it… I should have known better.”

Bindel on the puberty delay trials for trans teenagers:

“I think that we are abusive to children who we don’t allow to live as they wish in their bodies and that we start to mess with children’s puberty rather than say ‘this isn’t something you need to hate your body about’”.

Plus, New Statesman correspondent and leading human rights lawyer David Allen Green offers legal advice, Juliet Jacques discusses trans people in football and three brave parents share their stories about using puberty blockers for their transgender children.

Issue two also features DJ Mandi Dextrous, photographer Alex Grace and our debate on the benefits and drawbacks of active protest against transphobes.

META is a unique magazine which celebrates gender diversity. Editor Paris Lees said:

“Is it a cliché to say we made issue 2 bigger and better? Sorry, but we did. Enjoy!”

META’s Spring Issue is on sale 24 April – and will cost £1.99. As iPad and iPhone users will need to pay a one-off fee for the META App (£1.50), they will receive one issue free. It includes features on transgender people in sport, exclusive video content, real life stories and heated debate!

META features: Ralph Francis Fox, Joey “Gender Joker” Hateley, Julie Bindel, David Allen Green, Jane Fae, Sarah Brown, Alex Grace, DJ Mandidextrous, Professor Stephen Whittle, Christine Burns MBE, Roz Kaveney and Stuart Lorimer.


META is the world’s first magazine devoted to gender and transgender discussion and entertainment. It is published by Millivres Prowler Group.

META is on sale through digital distribution via, for Android, PC & Mac computers, iPad and iPhone devices here.


MPG is the UK’s largest gay and lesbian business, and is celebrating 35 years in business.
For over 35 years, MPG’s core principle has been that gay men, lesbians and transgender people should enjoy the same full human and civil rights as other sectors of the population.

Our media brands include the most famous and well established gay and lesbian publications in the UK: GT (Gay Times), DIVA and

For more information please contact:

Stu Hurford
Marketing and Communications Executive

Tel: 020 7424 7483

Sam Normington
Marketing and Communications Assistant

Tel: 020 7424 7462



  1. lysana says:

    Aaaaand Bindel still doesn’t get it. OK, good to know.

  2. John says:

    “META is the world’s first magazine devoted to gender and transgender discussion and entertainment…”

    Er, I don’t think so. Haven’t you heard of Transliving magazine which has been going for about 30 years and what about Frock Magazine which has also been going for several years and is also free.

    There are several more out there too if you look hard enough.

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