META magazine – the world’s only publication devoted to gender and transgender issues – releases its global edition


Cover star Kate Bornstein, discusses living on a yacht with Scientology-founder L. Ron Hubbard: 

“We thought we were saving the galaxy – imagine how cool that is. The planet was ours and we were here to save it – so give us your money now or it will be too late and the psychiatrists will win.” 

Britain’s best known TV comic, Jonathan Ross, on being an easy target since Sachsgate (but “getting away with” jokes about trans people): 

“Newspapers seem to see me as someone who is very easy to write a story about if it is in any way seen as provoking or upsetting anyone… The fact that no one picked up on the joke, or crucially the response to the joke… it was more telling to me.” 

Ross on comedy that targets minority groups: 

“People were threatened by people of a different colour moving to this country in the 50s and 60s, so we made jokes about it; and we can all laugh about it; so it’s not a threat… Sometimes that’s a good safety valve for society, sometimes it’s a bad thing”. 

Guardian columnist Julie Bindel apologises for a string of articles that mock trans people: 

“I wasn’t mature enough to know that that was something really that was wholly irresponsible… It was one of those mistakes that had consequences for other people, and it was regrettable.” 

Plus, New York performance artist Joey Arias discusses his upcoming Meltdown appearance, American trans icons Janet Mock and Isis King introduce the Hetrick-Martin Institute and My Transsexual Summer’s Max Zachs stops by for a chat. 

Issue three also features exclusive photo content, a debate on “transgender” versus “transsexual”, feel-good feminisation tips and Helene Hazera on life for trans women in 1950s France. 

META is a unique magazine that celebrates gender diversity. The global issue is on sale 12 July – and will cost £1.99. As iPad and iPhone users will need to pay a one-off fee for the META App (£1.50), they will receive one issue free. It includes features on gender-free parenting, exclusive video content, real life stories and debate. 

META features: Kate Bornstein, Jonathan Ross, Julie Bindel, Roz Kaveney, Joey Arias, Isis King, Janet Mock, Juliet Jacques, Max Zachs, Jane Fae, Suzan Cooke, Helen Hazera, and Rachel Saunders. 


META is the world’s first magazine aimed at the whole of the trans community and people interested in gender. It is published by Millivres Prowler Group. 

META is on sale through digital distribution via, for Android, PC & Mac computers, iPad and iPhone devices here. 

MPG is the UK ’s largest gay and lesbian business, and is celebrating 35 years in business. 

For over 35 years, MPG’s core principle has been that gay men, lesbians and transgender people should enjoy the same full human and civil rights as other sectors of the population. 

Our media brands include the most famous and well established gay and lesbian publications in the UK : GT (Gay Times), DIVA and 

For more information please contact: 

Stu Hurford 
Marketing and Communications Executive 
Tel: 020 7424 7483 




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