Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it’s one of the best.
Woody Allen

Sex. Are you getting enough of it? Perhaps you don’t want it? Perhaps you’ve had too much? Sex is all around us; we are constantly bombarded with images of heteronormative sex, straight, cisgender men and women and, increasingly, lesbian and gay imagery. But, aside from the “ladyboy” porn shelves, where are the trans people? Sadly, though trans people are often seen as fetishists or perverts, we are in fact more likely to fall victim to sexual harassment.

COVER STAR: Isis King, shot by Cory Malcolm exclusively for META

Our virgin sex issue is all about owning our sexualities – we’re celebrating all things erotic and we got more than we bargained for when we spoke to our sizzling cover star Isis King. She’s come a long way since America’s Next Top Model and we’re thrilled she chose META to reveal her confident, sexy new look. Find out what she finds sexy in a man, her embarrassing sexual episodes and why she texted her mother following her first post-surgery orgasm on pages 20-25.

We debate the pros and cons of the porn industry and if traditional “tranny” porn has helped the community (pages 6-7) and I jump into bed with Big Brother winner Luke Anderson for a Paula- Yates-style catch up. And we were having so much fun that the show’s runner up, Adam Kelly, decided to join us for a threesome. Check out our exclusive original film content on Page 13.

There’s a serious side to sex too, particularly for those of us with cross-gender identities. Take Gemma Barker, a young woman who was sent to prison earlier this year after she adopted a male identity and deceived several female friends into having sex with her. Could you too go to prison for failing to tell a lover about your birth gender and/or genital status? Find out in Jane Fae’s investigation on pages 32-33.

We’re also very proud that Roz Kaveney has chosen now, and META, to bravely and frankly discuss her years as a sex worker (pages 34-36), and Terrence Higgins Trust tells us what it’s been doing to help trans people enjoy sex safely and access sexual health services (Pages 30-31). Finally, we look at masturbation – and why it’s just too good to leave to cisgender men. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page, by tweeting @META_mag or by emailing

Now, lay back and think of META…

Paris Lees



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