META magazine – the world’s only publication that celebrates gender diversity – releases its raunchy debut sex issue.

COVER STAR: Isis King, shot by Cory Malcolm exclusively for META

Cover star, model and fashion designer Isis King, describes masturbating for the first time since her genital surgery:

“I was over at my ex fiancé’s house, I was there all alone, and I was just like what do I do, err, I’ll just start touching my… I just remember I started screaming and not knowing what was going on!”

King on the controversy around Glaad’s “Legalize Gay” campaign:

“It was just a silly way of for those people trying to get their message, their bigger message or their names out there… it’s all about the fame-game.”

Big Brother UK winner Luke Anderson and runner up Adam Kelly jump into bed with Editor Paris. Luke said:

“For me, a sexy woman is someone who is sexy on the outside but who is a nice person on the inside and who knows who they are and who is confident… and feisty!”

Author, poet and literary critic Roz Kaveney opens up about her former years as a sex worker:

“Being a good whore is only partly about being available sexually available and a lot of it is about sitting with a not-obviously fixed smile on your face, listening to johns go on about stuff.”

Issue four also features interviews with trans advocate and adult filmmaker Tobi Hill-Meyer and Ashlyn River Rose, who made headlines when her school tried to stop her from sitting her exams in “female” clothing. This taboo-busting issue also asks whether so-called “tranny porn” is good for the trans community.

Plus, Jane Fae investigates the legal implications for pre-op and non op trans people on the dating scene and Jennie Kermode looks at new research into gender and the nature/nurture debate.

META is a unique magazine that celebrates gender diversity. The sex issue is on sale 12 October – and costs £1.99. As iPad and iPhone users will need to pay a one-off fee for the META App (£1.50), they will receive one issue free.

META’s sex issue features: Isis King, Luke Anderson, Adam Kelly, Ashlyn River Rose, Roz Kaveney, Tobi Hill-Meyer, CN Lester, Jane Fae and Leng Montgomery.


META is the world’s first magazine aimed at the whole of the trans community and people interested in gender. It is published by Millivres Prowler Group.

META is on sale through digital distribution via, for Android, PC & Mac computers, iPad and iPhone devices here.

MPG is the UK’s largest gay and lesbian business, and is celebrating 35 years in business.

For over 35 years, MPG’s core principle has been that gay men, lesbians and transgender people should enjoy the same full human and civil rights as other sectors of the population.

Our media brands include the most famous and well established gay and lesbian publications in the UK: GT (Gay Times) and DIVA.

For more information please contact:

Stu Hurford
Marketing and Communications Executive
Tel: 020 7424 7483


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